Warsaw hosting the INC Congress

According to the decision of the INC General Assembly taken on 20th September 2015 in Taormina the XVI International Numismatic Congress will be held in Warsaw (Warszawa).

University of Warsaw in cooperation with the National Museum in Warsaw, the National Museum in Cracow, the Polish Numismatic Society and under the umbrella of the National Bank of Poland are ready to host you.

The International Numismatic Congress was originally planned for 2021. In May 2020 the International Numismatic Council (INC) and the Congress Organising Committee announced that it will postpone the congress to 2022. The venue will remain Warsaw, Poland, and the new dates are 11-16 September 2022.

In taking this difficult decision the Committee of the INC took a number of factors into consideration:

    1. There remains continued uncertainty as to the spread of the COVID-19 virus and the nature and longevity of social-distancing measures that are and will be in place to curb this spread.
    2. Widescale and potentially long-term disruption to the travel industry make the prospect of booking and engaging in long-distance travel highly uncertain for the foreseeable future.
    3. Many of our member institutions are facing short- or medium-term cuts to travel budgets that risk severely curtailing attendance at a Congress held in 2021.
    4. There is an ever-increasing backlog of meetings postponed from 2020 to 2021 that will place a strain on the schedules of many potential participants next year.
    5. The addition of a year to the timetable will provide the Committee time to seek extra funds to help further subsidize attendance for members whose financial situation has deteriorated.

Press Release postponement: Download

Website for the XVI International Numismatic Congress Congress in Warsaw

A specific congress website is available and continuously updated under the following adress: inc2022.pl

Call for Sessions and Round Tables

The INC2022 call for sessions and round tables is open until August 31st, 2021. You are invited to submit a proposal for organising a session or round table on any aspect of numismatics. For further information see: Call for Sessions and Round Tables


A competition concerning the logotype was organised by the Polish Numismatic Society. The winner out of more than 40 participants is Mr Aleksander Bąk from Poznan. He is a famous specialist of creation of graphic signs, branding, image advertisement and direct marketing etc, and will be adviser of the visual communication.


A congress medal is designed by the medallist Mr. Robert Kotowicz. For further information about the medal see about the Congress medal and about the medal designer.

Practical information

About the University of Warsaw, host and congress venue:

  • General information about the University
  • Maps
  • Videos
  • The technical operator of the congress is the company Mazurkas travel.

    Organising Committee

  • Prof. Aleksander Bursche, president (University of Warsaw) abursche@yahoo.com
  • Dr. hab. Jarosław Bodzek vice-president (Jagiellonian University and National Museum in Cracow) bodzek@o2.pl
  • Dr. Anna Zapolska secretary (University of Warsaw) anna.zapolska@gmail.com
  • Dr. hab. Mateusz Bogucki (Polish Academy of Sciences, Szczecin) matbogu@yahoo.com
  • Dr. Barbara Butent-Stefaniak (Ossolineum) barbara.butent-stefaniak@ossolineum.pl
  • Dr. hab. Renata Ciołek (University of Warsaw) renataciolek@uw.edu.pl
  • Dr. hab. Arkadiusz Dymowski (independent scholar, Gdynia) arekdym@yahoo.com
  • Dr. Witold Garbaczewski (National Museum in Poznań) garbaczewski@mnp.art.pl
  • Genowefa Horoszko (National Museum in Szczecin) g.horoszko@muzeum.szczecin
  • Dr. hab. Agata Kluczek (Silesian University in Katowice) agata.kluczek@us.edu.pl
  • Prof. Ryszard Zbigniew Kokoszczyński (Polish National Bank and University of Warsaw) ryszard.kokoszczynski@nbp.pl
  • Prof. Mariusz Mielczarek (Polish Academy of Sciences, Łódź) mielmar@umk.pl
  • Dr. Dorota Malarczyk (Emeryk Hutten-Czapski Museum in Cracow) dorota.malarczyk@uj.edu.pl, dmalarczyk@muzeum.krakow.pl
  • Prof. Borys Paszkiewicz (University of Wrocław) borys.paszkiewicz@gmail.com
  • Andrzej Romanowski (National Museum in Warsaw) ARomanowski@mnw.art.pl
  • Dr. hab. Marcin Wołoszyn (University of Rzeszów) marcinwoloszyn@gmail.com
  • Michał Zawadzki (The Royal Castle in Warsaw – Museum) majki9@wp.pl
  • Przemysław Ziemba (Polish Numismatic Society, Warsaw) prezes@ptn.pl
  • On the behalf of Professor Marcin Pałys, Rector of the University of Warsaw and Professor Aleksander Bursche, Instytut Archeologii, Uniwersytet Warszawski.

    See the movie “2300 Years of Coinage in Poland”