Survey of Numismatic Research 2014-2020

The Survey of Numismatic Research 2014–2020 consists of five sections, divided into two volumes. Volume I: General numismatics, The Greek world, Celtic and Roman coinages; Volume II: Medieval and Modern coinages, Medals.

General editors are Michael Alram, Jarosław Bodzek and Aleksander Bursche.

Subeditors are Roger Bland, Jarosław Bodzek, Mateusz Bogucki, Arianna D’Ottone Rambach, Jérôme Jambu, Dorota Malarczyk, Tuukka Talvio, Peter van Alfen and Helen Wang.

Please observe that the pagination is the same in the pdf-file and in the print on demand versions, but the ISBN number differs.

Survey 2014-2020 Download pdf, Volume I & II