Survey of Numismatic Research


Since the 1967 Congress in Copenhagen, the INC on the occasion of the International Numismatic Congress publishes a Survey of Numismatic Research, a volume that provides an authoritative critical bibliography on the progress of numismatic studies between congresses with a focus on methodology and new discoveries.


Depuis le Congrès de Copenhague en 1967, le CIN à l'occasion de chaque Congrès international de numismatique publie un volume de bibliographie critique qui fait autorité sur le progrès des traveaux numimatiques entre deux congrès.

Survey 2008-2013

The Survey of Numismatic Research 2008–2013 will consist of six sections: Antiquity, Medieval and Western coinages, Islamic, Asian and African coinages, Oceania and the New World, Medals, and General Numismatics. The General Editors are Carmen Arnold-Biucchi and Maria Caccamo Caltabiano. The subeditors are:

Antiquity (including Celtic coinages):

Marguerite Spoerri, Greek:
Roger Bland, Roman:
Bernward Ziegaus, Celtic:

Medieval and Western and coinages:

Lucia Travaini:
Hubert Emmerig:

Islamic, Asian and African coinages:

Stefan Heidemann:
François Thierry:

Oceania and the New World (pre and postcolonial):

Julio Torres:
Miguel Ibáñez Artica:


Tuukka Talvio:

General Numismatics:

David Wigg-Wolff:
Hortensia von Roten:

You will find a complete list of all contributors of the Survey in the e-Newsletter No 13 (October 2012 p. 14–17). This list includes e-mail addresses and we want to encourage you to contact the contributors directly to give them help, suggestions or comments. You are welcome to send notices of publications as well, bearing in mind that the Survey is a critical selection of the most important works, not a comprehensive list.

Survey 2002-2007

The Survey of Numismatic Research 2002-2007 is available online. Please follow the links and you are invited to download the contents of numismatic publications, which were edited during 2002-2007.

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Survey 2002-2007 Text Download pdf (7,6MB)
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